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The Illusionaries experiential art hub at Canary Wharf is hosting a new exhibition. “Latent Spaces” by disabled multidisciplinary Markos Kay is a beautifully crafted blend of art and science. Visitors can discover adorable monster-like animals, various colourful creatures and alien shaped plants looking at them from floor and wall projections and reflections in the colossal mirrors.

The narrative is set across four rooms, with a corridor with dazzling lights connecting them. Markos’ breathtaking visuals resembling a sci-fi movie are presented to the public for the first time in this format.

Unique environments and lifeforms

Markos Kay’s experiments often explore the complexity of the invisible and mysterious worlds of molecular biology and particle physics. “Latent Spaces” is part of his ongoing series of artworks that focus on the implications of a world where nature and technology have become so intertwined and questions the fundamental difference between the artificial and the natural.

Largely bed-bound by a neuroimmune disease from 2019, Kay has never stopped creating art scientific illustrations and moving image works.

Meditative music

The new exhibition features a soundtrack specially composed by music designer and producer, Jesse Solomon Clark. Clark is a familiar name in the world of art and has become a staple for compositions for large-scale installations around the world, including Living Canvas in Dublin; The Spheres conservator in Seattle; and The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Overall, “Latent Spaces” presents a stark contrast to its predecessor, “Memories of a Dead Poet” by Arash Irandoust which was rich in symbolism and featured dark visuals. Unlike its forerunner, this exhibition has no age restrictions, making it accessible to all.

About Illusionaries

Opened less than six months ago Illusionaries is a brainchild of Salar Nouri, Sam Nouri and Moein Amraji. Their mission is to surpass the traditional limits of art and technology. For example, unlike other popular locations Illusionaries focuses on creating carefully selected experiences with an immersive purpose rather than merely adapting existing paintings, originally intended for canvas, to suit our platform.

“While digital adaptations may breathe life into classic art pieces, we’ve observed that they rarely introduce a new narrative. Illusionaries offers thought-provoking imagery that challenges our guests’ perceptions and stimulates dialogue with their inner selves. It’s a never-ending journey and we are aiming to reflect every aspect of it with every new exhibition we launch”, Salar Nouri said.

Tickets for Latent Spaces can be found here.


Image credits: © Illusionaries