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Wellness-focused tourism now comprises a quarter of the overall tourism industry, at a value of almost $640 billion worldwide and climbing. According to a report by The Global Wellness Institute, expenditure on far-flung self-care, whether spas, retreats or other detox-friendly travel is growing faster than spend on travel as whole and was up 14% year over year. Moreover, the World Travel and Tourism Council expects that half of the experience economy, spending up to $4.2 trillion by 2028, will be directed to physical and mental wellness. Interested in recreational trips? Then why don’t you start with Slovenia?

Last year it was ranked among The World’s Top 100 Sustainable Destinations showing global leadership in offering responsible ecotourism opportunities. In addition to Ljubljana, Bled and Podchetrtek, two other Slovenian cities were included in the list – Komen and Rogaska Slatina.

Donat Mg water

Rogaška Slatina is the country’s oldest and largest spa town and is known for its ‘cure’ water Donat Mg, which has the highest amount of magnesium in any drinkable water in the world. For many years it has been used to treat and relieve gastroenterological, metabolic, psychosomatic and other diseases. Legend has it that Apollo ordered his winged horse Pegasus to strike his hoof to the earth at Rogaska, open up the Roitschocrene spring and drink from the powerful source. Locals take this myth seriously and even built a Pegasus monument in the city center.

The drinking course takes place at Rogashka Medical center which proudly owns the title of the biggest private health institution in the country. It offers a wide range of therapeutic and cosmetic programs, based of course on the Donat Mg water. All guests of the resort hotels are given an individual glass with a measuring scale, which accompanies them throughout their stay. Every glass has a unique number so it’s important to memorize it and not lose the tag. Drinking water from the source is recommended three times a day (300-400ml), preferably 30 minutes before meals.


In additional to the natural water, the medical center offers mineral baths, mud wraps, massages and other procedures. My short trip was full of excursions and trips around the Slovenia, so I was only able to try a magnesia bath and a 50-minute body massage. Despite not being able to experience the full suite of procedures, with three days of Donat Mg my overall health noticeably improved.

Tunnels conveniently connect the medical center with most of the hotels, enabling all guests to walk to their procedures wearing robes and slippers. Although if you don’t mind the short walk outside in the fresh air, go for the Atlantida Boutique Hotel, the newest and most modern resort in all of Rogashka. The swimming pool complete with panoramic views of a pine forest is very impressive, especially if you are coming to Slovenia from the urban jungle!