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Imagine that you could step into a world of illustrative art! Jo Peel makes it possible and free of charge.

The British visual artist and designer has collaborated with developer JTRE London to mark the completion of a new housing development Triptych Bankside, opposite Tate Modern, and invites everyone to her cartoony recreation of a traditional neighbourhood café.

As part of Shape Art Weekend Bankside for 3 days only, the ground floor of the building 185 Park Street has been transformed into a 2D setting where everything looks like an intricately sketched drawing.

Like being inside a sketch

At a glance, every object seems flat because all the interior, from the walls to the door handles, сash till and radio, phone and ketchup bottles, has been sketched in black on white and painted brightly to show as little dimension as possible. So, it’s almost like an optical illusion when you’re in there.

Reflecting the area’s vibrant art culture

Key features of the installation include a fridge which doubles as a secret entrance into a projection room, where Peel’s animated films are screened, with model houses and a glasshouse with a giant tree growing out from it.

The 2D Cafe is open to the public from 7th July 2023 to 9th July 2023 at 185 Park St, London SE1 9SH. The entrance is free and doesn’t require booking.

A schedule of free events at Shape Art Weekend Bankside can be found here.


Image credits: © Jo Peel