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This ‘Murder on the Orient Express’-homaging new immersive dinner show casts you as train passengers in the glamorous golden age of rail, with a mystery to be solved.

When you arrive and are checked-in by the station manager, you will be issued with a ticket, which will be needed to board The Murdér Express (Murdér – aka imaginary town in France).

The ticket will have a table number on it which will be your table number on board the train and at the Pedley Street Station Platform Bar, where the adventure begins and where you will be prior to boarding.

Dead on time!

Allow the actors to transport you back to the festival of Britain in 1920s, where one unlucky passenger will meet an untimely fate. Guests are seated in one of the eight retro-style booths, each seating eight guests, but be prepared to make a room for main characters of the show.

Even if you don’t know anyone at your table, as soon as the performance begins, you’ll find yourselves sharing good laughs together and engaging in small talks with actors.

Test your detective skills

As the mystery unfolds, you will encounter the suspects dispensing specific plot details, facts and tips to help and hinder your efforts to identify the culprit. Actors will mingle on the tables and you’ll be encouraged to chat and ask them questions about the crime.

As The Murdér Express is ‘moving’ for most of the duration you’ll have  symbolic and funny views out of the window resembling cartoons, it seems like a deliberate move not to keep travellers too focused on the sights because there’s still a murder to solve. At times the train travels through dark tunnels cueing a dramatic moment, which is a nice touch.

Killer menu

While revenge is a dish best served cold, rest assured that your enticing, four-course dinner crafted by acclaimed two-star Michelin Chef Niall Keating will be just the right temperature. For example, the tender braised beef cheek is unforgettable, especially if your order a discerning cocktail with your main.

A journey to die for

Between courses, read through your private copy of The Murdér Express newspaper, which is riddled with secret clues. Interrogate every passing suspect, and examine every intriguing detail around you and decide who is guilty. Then, the big reveal!

You’ll likely spend the journey back home discussing intriguing details you might have missed in your detective research. To solve the mystery of The Murdér Express isn’t that simple after all.

There is no official dress code, but feel free to step back in time and join in the 1920s theme like we did!

Located at: Pedley Street Station, Arch 63, E1 5BW. Tickets start from 79.50 and be booked here.



Image credits: © The Murdér Express