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Situated at the intersection of Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road, Outernet is a unique immersive public environment with the largest deployment of video screens in the world. Here, you can find two public galleries: Now Building and Now Trending where gigantic 8K 360° screens are delivering jaw-dropping audio-visual experiences that anyone can visit for free.

The district also features The Now Arcade – a 21-meter-long LED tunnel which fully surrounds pedestrians as they make their way into the Outernet district from Denmark Street.

Experience a new dimension of entertainment

Outernet creates progressive forms of entertainment. Its extraordinary audio-visual capabilities provide a brand new canvas for storytelling, namely truly immersive narrative experiences. The possibilities truly are limitless.

Renaissance paintings, animation, particle stimulations and 3D visuals feature in the latest flagship show at The Now Building. The Summer Palace is a journey for visitors through time and space and an absolute must-see.

Agustin Vidal Saavedra, the artist behind the project, said: “The Summer Palace is a piece created and animated from renaissance paintings, particle simulations and AI. “We used particle simulation to create galaxies, stars and explosions and AI to enhance the painting quality to an insane 8k resolution. Visitors can see a moving ceiling inspired by the Sistine Chapel, statues and paintings getting alive and starts coming closer to the viewers.

Another show ‘Spaces In-Between’ is running at both The Now Building and the nearby Now Trending. It is the interactive body movement artwork created by immersive experience studio Pixel Artworks with visual light artist Rupert Newman. Prepare yourself to see digital flamingos and vivid patterns.

The aim of this exhibit is to uplift people by immersing them in light, colour, and shapes which will, in turn, create a crystalline cathedral of light. Accompanying audio by British composer Sarah Warne (Channel 4’s Humans, BBC’s Time and ITV’s Des) enhance the feeling of being enveloped in a full-body experience.

There are no tickets required so all you have to do is head over to Outernet London and enjoy the shows. Sessions usually take place at between 8 am and 10.30. The full schedule of events is available here.