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There’s a million bars to choose from in Las Vegas, especially on the strip, when you’re feeling parched. However, when it’s 110 degrees outside with the sun beating down on you and all you can think about is a walk-in freezer with a bar inside, look no further – Minus5 Ice Bar has got you covered.

As the name suggests, it’s always a frosty -5 degrees (ºC) inside and entire interior is made of ice: the walls, tables, chairs, chandeliers, the bar itself and even the glasses that cocktails are served in. Don’t forget to grab a coaster so your drink won’t slide around on the ice table!

Ice ice baby

Upon arrival the staff will provide you with coats, hats and gloves so you don’t freeze to death inside. VIP guests get the option to choose more exotic fur coats and hats (including fake fur Russian hats), with the hat being able to take home as souvenir.

The decor is all Las Vegas-themed: the famous welcome sign in ice, slot machines and TVs broadcasting about a ‘snow storm in the desert’. Between sitting on ice, drinking from ice, and just feeling the chill in the air, you can take photos with life-sized sculptures of a polar bear and King Kong, pretend to be a DJ and spin frozen vinyl records, and drink from the boob of a naked woman’s torso – all made of ice! This adventure is especially popular for those celebrating hen/stag/bachelor parties and birthdays.

Chill out

Kids would love it too and welcome (with an adult) for the day sessions before 6.30pm, and free entry for children 8 years and under. Just ask a friendly bartender for the mocktails menu.

Guests can take pictures of themselves or have them taken by the roaming professional photographer, then emailed to you when you leave.

The bar features colour-changing lighting and remixed pop songs streaming through speakers embedded in the ice. The space is not too large and rarely has more than maybe 40 people at a time, and the average stay is about half an hour, though intrepid drinkers have been known to stay for up to two hours. The guy standing next to us refused to wear a coat, boasting to us he was from Alabama where he was “used to the cold” but ten minutes later, he had mysteriously disappeared.

Sub-zero experience

The ice bar started out as novelty phenomenon in the mid-1990s and is only growing in popularity today. A concept that has travelled around the world with similar ventures opened in New Zealand, Japan and even on a cruise ship.

That’s because minus5 is cool! – literally and figuratively, in its own unique way. It’s all about something different, fun and that most people haven’t done before. It certainly stands out from all the other bars and should be added to your long list of memorable things to do in Vegas.

Minus5 Ice Bar has three locations in Las Vegas: LinQ Promenade, Mandalay Bay and The Venetian. More information can be found here.


Image credits: © Minus5 Ice Bar