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HOC Perfume launches at London’s Iconic Fortnum & Mason’s

Scent and memory are intertwined, as the brain’s olfactory bulbs are the reason why we can’t forget certain smells. Coffee aroma, coconut oil, freshly cut grass… you might not be around them, but reading the words are almost just as vivid as being in their presence. Your perfume should have that same effect, long after you exit the room, basically be able to leave that sort of indelible mark long after the year is up.

It's not just another bottle of perfume

Newly created niche fragrance brand of Masha Zanier, a Parisian with Georgian-Russian roots, called HOC, definitely has its ambitions to stay in your mind for a long time. The brand stands for ‘Histoire Olfactive Collective’ in French. In Russian, it spells ‘Nose’ – fitting as the brand celebrates the perfume. Masha Zanier explains – “It’s not just another bottle of perfume, HOC is centered around not only the fragrance itself, but also its creators. Every year one of the perfumers will create history together with HOC, exploring a theme of their choosing: favourite places, books, people, films and beloved cities. This modern philosophy is encapsulated within an elegant bottle with a distinctive cap, which is an encrypted map of a city, sending its wearer on an individual journey.”

In London’s Iconic Fortnum & Mason’s, three fragrances were presented: 11:00 AM, 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM. All perfumes of the HOC collection are blended by a Firmenich perfumer, Vincent Schaller, who is known for his collaboration with Le Labo, Max Mara, Paul Smith and Ferragamo. Now Vincent Schaller lives in the capital of the UK and with HOC he tried to grasp the essence and convey the story of “his London”.

“A rose that’s not completely innocent.” That was the core inspiration behind the 11:00 AM perfume. A rose represents elegance, charm, femininity and sensuality. It is the perfect symbol for London, a city that exudes class and personality. When Vincent Schaller crafted the rose notes for 11 AM, he gave them a gourmet, addictive quality, reflecting the energy and dynamism of the city that inspired him.

5:00 PM is inspired by the sacred cultural ritual of teatime in London. It’s as delicious as shortbread and as seductive as a bit of gossip whispered in your ear. Light but addictive, sensual but uplifting, this fragrance is just as timeless as the tradition of teatime itself.

One of the inspirations for 9PM, is the famous James Bond cocktail – Dry Martini. Since its first introduction in Ian Fleming’s book, this cocktail has become a classic in London’s Best Private Members’ Clubs.

Each HOC fragrance is inscribed with a map of London landmarks that inspired its creation. For example, W11 2ED, written on 11:00 AM is the postcode for the iconic London members club, Electric House, one of the oldest working cinemas in Britain which first opened in 1910.

“Smell gives you memories and at the same time leaves memories about you, while HOC adds even more to this idea – it’s dedicated to highlight the talent and mystery of creators of perfumes” – Masha Zanier sums up.