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Genesis is a spectacular audio visual project at the Grade II-listed Swiss Church just north of Covent Garden, a unique historical location with a rich heritage. Before coming to London the show had a hugely successful stint in Europe in which it sold over 100,000 tickets.

360-degree experience

Designed by Zurich-based artist collective, Projektil, in collaboration with Fever entertainment platform, Genesis takes guests on a four-part journey representing the first three days of creation of the Universe.

Lying on beanbags, the audience can gaze up in awe at decelerating and inspiring projections that sprawl across the ceiling and walls of the building. Overall, the experience lasts approximately 30 minutes which is perfectly proportioned to the ticket price starting at £12 for adults and £8 for children.

Art, spirituality and technology

Projektil skillfully employs 3D projection mapping, a technique that precisely captures the structure and shape of a three-dimensional space, enveloping the spectator in the ambience. Vivid imagery is intertwined with the moving sound of classical music to fully engage the senses and captivate the viewer.

The Swiss Church

Funded by contributions from the cities of Geneva and Bern in 1762, the church was an integral part of the Swiss community and until 1817, the pastor was even the official issuer of passports to Swiss citizens in London.

Despite its location, this captivating digital performance is open for everyone. In their press release, organisers Fever explain: “Genesis invites people from all walks of life, believers and non-believers alike, to step into this escapist oasis in the midst of the city and experience a world in which art, technology and spirituality collide.”

Tickets can be found here.


Image credits: © Fever