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Immerse yourself in the art of Salvador Dalí at the latest projection-based extravaganza in East London. Located at the Boiler House on vibrant Brick Lane, Dalí: Cybernetics offers an unparalleled journey into the world of the renowned artist and provocateur.

Entering the surreal world of Dali

Visionary and clairvoyant, Salvador Dalí was attracted to science and technology throughout his life. He studied challenges of optics, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, catastrophe theory, sacred geometry, the fourth dimension and DNA, all of which can be explored during this futuristic show.

The organizers of the exhibition, Exhibition Hub and Fever, have digitalized hundreds of paintings, photos and sketches by the Spanish genius. Head to the expansive central projection area and watch Dalí’s iconic melting clocks, imaginative visual illusions and avant-garde symbols moving literally under your feet in 360° around you and splitting into separate moving pieces like splitting atoms. This is definitely one of the highlights of Dalí: Cybernetics.

Visitors can relax on deck chairs while absorbing the animated surreal masterpieces with captivating sound and lighting effects. Unlike in traditional museums and art galleries, here you do not just look at the paintings, you step inside them and feel their power. Equipped with complimentary 3D glasses guests can almost touch the objects of Dalí’s timeless work.

Wander through Dali's wonderland

But it gets better than that. In the spirit of creating a multi-sensory experience, Dalí: Cybernetics has put together additional room where audiences can explore Dalí’s art like never before. You are invited for a unique 15-minute Metaverse experience (included in the ticket!). Grab a wireless VR-headset and step into a constantly evolving digital space of The Elephants, The Ants and The Persistence of Memory and other famous Dalí’s paintings.

Here a gigantic Lobster floats over your head, long-limbed elephants passing by, floating atomised faces and a spectacular moon rise. The freedom of movement will give you the realistic feeling of being in the sea, the desert, space or even inside a candle or an egg. Don’t worry to bump into another explorer. State-of-the-art virtual reality goggles allow you to see other people’s digital space suits to avoid collisions.

Beyond a simply entrancing immersive experience, Dalí: Cybernetics hints at even more sophisticated VR art experimentation to come in the near future. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to book your tickets to the exhibition.