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Burberry has unveiled a takeover at Harrods in London, transforming the luxury department store “Knight Blue,” the new signature colour of the British fashion house introduced by chief creative officer Daniel Lee.

It marks the second time that the iconic department store has changed the colour of its façade in partnership with a brand. In summer 2022 it was illuminated in Tiffany blue to celebrate 150 years of Tiffany & Co in London.

This time also coincides with Harrods’ 175th birthday. The branding is the first in a series of events over the year to acknowledge the luxury retailer’s milestone. But surprises do not end here.

Harrods’ ‘Green Men’ in Burberry

Everyone is familiar with Harrods’ legendary doormen, beacons of luxury standing at every single door of the Brompton Road store for over 100 years. For the first time in Harrods’ history their signature green uniforms have been switched (temporarily) for stylish Burberry knight blue. Green men confirmed to us that their new uniform is very comfortable.

The takeover continues inside with the ‘Burberry Camping Corner,’ offering classic British hiking accessories, including a bespoke knight bottle opener and a hot water bottle. There are also 175 teddy bears available exclusively for purchase at Harrods.

Burberry’s Harrods takeover will remain in place until the end of February.