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Brought by the creative team behind Alcotraz, the prison-themed bar in Shoreditch, and Moonshine Saloon, the Wild West-styled venue in Aldgate, Avora is a 1 hour 45 minute theatrical, alternate reality adventure which suits perfectly for a birthday, stag/hen do or as a unique night out with friends.

Cocktail-fuelled mission

Guests put on space jumpsuits before entering a “magical”, Avatar-esque world and begin their mission in the secret Roscorp Laboratory of fictional billionaire CEO Geoff Rosbourne – which serves as the gateway to the magical world of Avora.

Joined by a cast of actors, including eccentric scientist Dr Shelly, attendees will be invited to explore some of the world’s most unique and exotic flora and learn about your mining mission on Avora. You will be offered colour-changing elixirs in test tubes to mix yourself to help you acclimatise to the planet’s atmosphere. Non-alcoholic mocktail versions of the drinks are also available and look the same.

Portal to another planet

After consuming the “antidote” drink you will move to the second room through the portal. This area represents Avora’s beautiful flora filled in with a virtual rainforest, lush greenery and the sounds of exotic birds singing. The use of augmented reality, and other interactive elements add a layer of depth and engagement to the event.

Friendly Avorians greet you with a tropical-themed cocktail in a cool looking glass. Day will transform to night before the visitors’ eyes with the bioluminescent flora illuminating the room to look even more exotic.

Further down the rabbit hole

The third room is the most immersive of all with interactive digital scenery on the walls. Crossing a bridge into the alien-like environment you’ll notice intergalactic plant life and a beautiful cascade of illuminated strands hanging from the ceiling, showering the room in a purple glow. The final drink will be served in a glowing glass by the ‘Tree of Spirits’, a giant 9ft, willow-like forest-filler that bears a secret fruit which a greedy Roscorp’s boss is so desperate to find.

The grand finale

A tense and climactic final act concludes the where you’ll have to choose whether to join the brave underground resistance and save Avora from exploitation, or continue draining the planet’s precious resources with Geoff Rosbourne. It’s very well done and a great end to the experience.

Booking is required for Avora which is £40 per person or £36 pp for groups of 6 or more. Tickets and more information can be found here.


Image credits: © Fever