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There is nothing like listening to your favourite music surrounded by breathtaking architecture and the warmth of hundreds of glowing candles. With a new concept created by Fever, global entertainment platform, this dream has become true.

Multi-sensory musical experience

Candlelight aims to create an accessible and ambient space to enjoy the works of the greatest classical composers such as Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven and timeless compositions including The Beatles, Queen, ABBA, Coldplay as well popular movie soundtracks.

Moreover, by creating a network of talented local musicians in each country, Fever has been able to provide a platform for these artists and in turn bring classical music to a new demographic. The concerts are for everyone, whether you have experience with classical music concerts or not.

Visitor will not have to worry about how well-versed they are with the songs. The musicians will introduce each piece sharing some insight into the works and composers making the evening equally great for both first-time listeners to the classical music genre and connoisseurs.

The concerts are attracting unprecedented attention

Since its launch in 2019, Candlelight Concerts have had enormous success around the globe— in Paris, Barcelona, New York, Ottawa, Sydney etc. In total more than 1000 different Candlelight Concert experiences have been rolled out to more than 85 cities worldwide.

The events have been performed in unique venues worldwide from churches to libraries to mansions and other historic landmarks that form part of each city’s cultural heritage.

For example, in London Candlelight concerts take place in a variety of spectacular locations from the majestic Royal Museums in Greenwich, St Mary’s Church in Marylebone to the Freemasons’ Hall in Holborn and Central Hall Westminster.

Prepare for a very special evening

The appeal to the program is due to a combination of elements. “It is the magical effect of the candles, the intimacy of the concerts, plus the brilliant musicians. Also it is only one hour long, so for audiences it is easy to take,” says Fever.

No need to worry about the fire hazard, all of the candlelight are be provided through flameless candles

Concerts are ideal for a date night or a perfect break from your screens. We recommend to purchase seats close to the stage, or to arrive early to snag as good a view as possible.

More information about Candlelight can be found here.