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Balloons, infinity mirrors, rubber ducks and a swimming pool ball pit – just some of the things at Bubble Planet. The concept began in Belgium, before the colourful exhibition was toured around the world in cities like Milan and Los Angeles. Now it’s London’s turn to wake up its inner child.

Inspired by the colourful voyages depicted in Jules Verne’s tales, the Bubble Planet Experience takes visitors on an unforgettable journey through 11 unique and captivating spaces.

Largest ball pit in Europe

The enormous psychedelic ball pit takes centre stage at Bubble Planet. Essentially a swimming pool filled with thousands of balls, complete with ladders, a giant rubber duck and massive inflatable man, you could even ‘swim’ through the balls.

We had so much fun diving into the ball pit, making ball pit angels and it was even quite relaxing to just lay in the balls, especially with the sensory ambient music. The centre of the pit has clear plastic tubes you can put the balls in then they whizz up to the top, which had a lot of kids enjoying. Before entering the ball pit everyone must remove their shoes, to keep it clean and safe.

Balloons galore

Another room was filled with hundreds of balloons. You could walk through them, play with them and throw them at people – tons of fun. Moving on to the balloon simulator, which was a big room with 360 degree projections of digital environments and a platform in the centre for people to stand and feel like they’re on a balloon ride.

A kaleidoscope of awe

It’s not all bubbles and balloons, there are many other things to see like the infinity mirror room filled with a rainfall of vibrant colour changing lights, and a room with a digital projection on the floor of a pond where you can walk around and interact with the sea creatures.

You can escape all the kids by relaxing inside the sensory dome or check out the area with optical illusions and fun things to do like sit in a bath tub full of rubber ducks and play interactive bubble-themed games.

Before you leave, try out the VR experience – a space filled with freely rotating pods you can comfortable sit in and enjoy the ride through a fantasy balloon world. The pods are great as you move around 360 degrees and your feet dangle over the side like you’re really on a ride.

Feel like a kid again

The project, created by Exhibition Hub and Fever, aims to appeal to people regardless of their age. Bubble Planet was launched on the heels of a new cultural trend known as ‘Kidulting,’ which is sweeping across the globe, a phenomenon in which experiences that allow adults to engage in frivolous activities traditionally designed for children have recently seen a surge in popularity. There’s something for everyone there, and by everyone, we mean everyone who wishes to make the most of having fun.

Bubble Planet is located at 22 Fulton Rd, Wembley HA9 0TF, UK. Tickets and more information can be found here.


Image credits: © Bubble Planet / Fever, Travel with Style